The Best Fitness Improves Satisfaction In The Bedroom

Men who want to improve their satisfaction and performance in the bedroom they need to go only as far as the gym, according to scientists. Fitness is one of the most important factors in determining the potency of a man. Balance your testosterone levels, it increases strength and helps people feel safe. Men can start small with taking more walks, gardening, swimming, and also make sex more often, before working his way up to pay for a gym membership and have a fitness plan tailored to the their needs. Combined with the specific penalties vitamins and minerals, as well as rest and relaxation, exercise is the safest and easiest way to sexual happiness.

Aerobic capacity

Aerobic exercise has long been known to improve the overall health and wellness. Regular cardiovascular fitness improves blood flow throughout the body, increases the oxygen, and holders feel good neurotransmitters in the brain. Brazilian scientists who want to know what are the male sexual health of aerobic exercise effects followed 180 men and documented your fitness level is. When comparing men with a sedentary life of men with a very active lifestyle (with over 60 minutes of aerobic exercise per week), active men were significantly less likely to have erection problems. Cyclists, however, were the exception, such as bicycling puts pressure on circulation in the genital area. In addition, smokers were significantly more likely to have sexual problems.

Weight training

Big muscles are considered the hallmark of a true man – or are they? Having more lean muscle and bone density and improve strength and fitness in men, but when body builders go too far could rebound. A study published in Urology in 2010 by Italian scientists has revealed that up to 80% of bodybuilders experimented with varicocele, and were also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Several other studies have linked the use of anabolic steroids, popular among bodybuilders heavy, with a significantly higher risk of impotence. huge muscles may seem masculine, but the cost may be too. It combines a workout regimen with weights and balancing aerobic capacity to improve health, testosterone production, metabolism and circulation.

Yoga and Stretching

Yoga may not sound like the most masculine sport, but this ancient practice has a long history of anecdotes to improve sexual health in both men and women. The combination of exercise techniques, stretching, meditation and breathing has a profound effect on the body. Researchers of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University-India, published an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010 with the first preliminary evidence that yoga has specific benefits for male sexual function, organ health, and fertility. After 65 men practiced yoga for six weeks, researchers have documented a number of improvements. Sexual desire, satisfaction after the intercourse, sexual performance, confidence, construction, control ejaculation and orgasm improved significantly after 12 weeks of yoga. Like all the benefits of precision yoga domains of sexual health in men it is not yet understood, but may be combined effects that yoga has on stress and fitness.


Increased physical activity: a man will have increased nutritional needs of your body, not just the calories of energy, but also of vitamins and minerals. When you increase the levels of specific expertise sexual health, there are certain nutrients that are more important than others. Vitamin C and E have been shown in studies to improve erectile function in men, while the L-arginine is an amino acid precursor of nitric oxide – the enzyme that controls erection. nutritious food, food supplements and health of the penis topical creams are all methods to get these vitamins and minerals. Using Formulas for specialized male organ health (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) so that nutrients are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and in the premises of the penile tissues, bypassing digestion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Ayurveda, Diet And Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Taoism, Buddhism) and Ayurvedic (Hinduism) are drugs that treat religious ramifications of the whole person: body, mind and spirit through diet, exercise, meditation, kindness, etc. all in terms of defining Both drugs matter, energy and spirit.

traditional chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), all matter (the body, food, etc.) is a combination, the energy of interaction of opposites: yin (cold cleaning) and yang (hot, building), with addition, in excess. There is nothing neutral or standing, just different degrees of heat and cold. Overlooked, dominant races, while the other drops, withdraws, until the pattern is reversed, thus completing the cycle of life, existence: creation, preservation and destruction.

The best example is the campaign produced by the Earth’s orbit around the sun. As the land near the sun, increasing the energetic influences of the sun, making the earth (matter) to grow, expand, be warmer, drier, thicker, faster, spring and summer. As the earth turns away, begins to break down, become cold, shock, thinner, slower, fall and winter.

Whenever the energy changes, so do your thoughts materials, events (gas, solid, liquid) changes, build and tear down. The body is no different as it changes reacts to external and internal changes in hot and cold water. It gets hotter, faster, drier and more productive during the spring, summer, and with an increase in the production of foods, nutrients (build, thicken fuel, stimulate, heat, redden, etc.).

Too heavy, especially animal foods tend to cause diseases of great size, thickness, “hot symptoms”:

Blood clots, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, arthritis, gout, kidney stones and gallstones, fixed pain, insomnia, acne, psoriasis, warts, tumors, cancer

The body becomes cold shooting, slower and less productive during the fall, winter and by a decrease in the construction of food and increase food or cleaning, nutrients (reduce, thin, cold, wet, etc.).

Too small building tends to lead to the construction ,, subtle symptoms of the disease weak “cold”:

Anemia, paleness, tiredness, pain, thinning hair, dry skin, nails, bones, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, amenorrhea, infertility, in the short term pregnancy, etc.

Too cold, cleansing foods tend to cause “cold” wet ,, yin diseases:

Stools, edema infections, cellulitis, mucus, phlegm, cysts, vaginal discharge, yeast, etc.

Balance of opposites: yang (building) and (yin) cleansing foods, herbs, etc., is the key to control health and disease. In fact, great heat illness, diet recommended cold media (page 19). Decrease animals, improve cleanliness. By the cold diet, damp, poorly constructed under the illness, it is advisable to warm (page 18). Increase the construction of spices and cooked foods, reduce the cold. The right balance is improving health.

In Hinduism, Ayurvedic medicine, the union of Purusha (Primal Spirit, energy) and Prakruti (Mother Nature, field) produces the three gunas complex transformation of the Spirit, God, energy and matter.

Sattva is the spirit (shen), light, intelligence, perception, clarity, etc., and ‘the highest, the preferred form of mind, lifestyle. Meditation, kindness and vegan, raw fruits and vegetables increased mainly sattva. Rajas is the energy (chi), the thought, the mind up (sattva) or down (Tamas) of the brain, the spine Tamas is the subject, the body (jing), the dark resistance degeneration. It is the lowest quality. Animal foods, alcohol, drugs, anger increase the size, degrade the mind body

The three Gunas produce the 5 stages of elements of matter

Five Elements – Ayurveda – West – China

Ether (metal) – Sattva – Spirit – Shen Air (tree) – Sattva and Rajas Fire – Rajas – Mind – About Water – Rajas and Tamas Earth – Tamas – Body – Jing

Five elements, five organs and big flavors associated (TCM)

Metal (ether) the lungs and large intestine (spicy) spleen earth, pancreas and stomach (sweet) Fire Heart and small intestine (bitter) Tree, wood, liver and gallbladder (acid) Kidney and urinary bladder (salt) water

The five elements produce the three dosha constitutions:

Vata – Ether and air: Moving Pitta – fire and an aspect of water Digest Kapha – water and earth

Vata is air, the wind that moves things. E ‘is often associated with dryness, weakness and deficiency, but can be caused by excessive heat. Chronic lack of protein in the blood and the fat tends to cause dryness and wind (shaking). The blood (nutrients) Year of construction, fuel, and keeps moistened. Too little protein, fat, or too cold, cleansing foods also weaken and dry, shake your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. foods too hot (spices, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, etc.) and either too sexual (jing, sexual fluids are humidification) also cause internal wind (agitation, tremors or paralysis), dryness and excessive heat.

Pitta is fire (yang), sometimes translated as bile (digests fats). High in animal protein (red meat, chicken, turkey, fried foods, etc.), alcohol (heat and humidity), coffee, long-term fat etc tend to aggravate pitta (hot, yang) causes moist heat (TCM) in the liver and gall bladder manifests greasy oily skin, rashes (dry and wet), gallstones, acne, boils, yellow discharge.

Kapha is water (holds things together), moisture. Humidity (mucus, phlegm. I made aqueous, edema, cellulitis, cyst, etc.) can be hot (pitta) or cold (yin). Too much animal protein, fat and alcohol tends to make the humid heat (groin, armpits), because exposure to hot solder, humid climates.

Digestion, three meals a day, naturally heated and dried (dissipates excess fluids) of the body. ,, Diets low in protein in the damp cold fat low long-term (milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, salads, tropical fruits, juices, smoothies, shakes, soft drinks, cold drinks, sugar, herbs, love, etc.), cool, dilute and weaken digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination.

Chronic (long-term) weak digestion decreases the body temperature, which cools and hardens the water in the lungs, throat, sinuses, ear, uterus, vagina mucous, phlegm, cysts, drains and fungal infections Similarly, the cold temperatures in winter and at night to harden the water in the air in the morning dew, rain, snow and ice. Excessive exposure to cold and extreme wet weather can also cool and moisten the body with excess fluid (kapha): mucus, phlegm, etc., cold, humidity symptoms (clear mucus, phlegm white) overtime can be heated , moist heat change (yellow) as the body is naturally hot (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). hot and humid climates can also cause moist heat.

Digestion naturally decreases after thirty years, especially in women than in men. Men tend to have more heat, digestion, stronger, largely due to testosterone, a warm building hormone, rather than estrogen (hot) and progesterone (cold). Spices stoke digestive fire fan (Agni). Ayurvedic medicine often recommend using six to eight spice to every meal (breakfast and lunch) for the treatment of cold and wet conditions (good cold treatment or preventative). hot meals or snacks late at night can negatively affect sleep to stimulate the body too.

Hot (yang), cold (yin), vata, pitta and kapha, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas identification of the body, symptoms, diet, herbs, thoughts, etc. is a simple plan of diagnosis and treatment for most part of physical illnesses. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine are similar to identify the four corners of the energy nature of the disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ayurveda)

The excess of yang, hot, dry or wet (Pitta) Deficient yang, weak, cold, dry, windy (Vata) Excess yin, cold, wet (Kapha) Yin deficiency, dry and windy (Vata kapha)

Each disease is a product of the cause (input) and effect (output). You reap what you sow, eat. Happiness and sadness is also a cause and effect. You reap what you think, do. spiritual spiritual practices mental illness and request (kindness, generosity, even unconditional mental love, forgiveness, virtue, Bible studies, prayer, meditation, etc.) as well as spiritual guides and good friends to raise awareness (Lessons 29 and 30), as opposed to bad friends and bad people down, degrade.