Breakfast: Jump increases the risk of getting fat

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Skipping breakfast doubles the risk of getting fat. To support this hypothesis to a survey conducted as part of the Breakfast Week, nonprofit campaign promoted Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, which until Sunday sees held its 16th edition.

Do not take their breakfast at least three times a week would favor an increase of the caloric intake of about 252 calories, for a total of more than 11 kilograms “earned” each year. A problem that would cover a large proportion of the respondents, about 2,000 British citizens, even with an individual of 10 jumping the first meal of the day on a regular basis.

Shortly also encouraging data on other consumer rates, with 37% of respondents claiming to skip breakfast at least once a week. Several reasons that lead to give up at the first meal of the day: lack of appetite just wake up (30%); to prefer a few more minutes under the covers (23%); even the simple “forget” to eat breakfast (12%) or being “too busy” in household activities (12%).

Behavior that in 45% of cases cause the classic “droop” of mid-morning, while in 30% a feeling of unusual tiredness and lack of energy and 14% worse mood making gruff and nervous. Such consequences would lead to change their daily eating behavior pushing in 27% of cases at an extra consists of chocolate bars and fizzy drinks (10%); data higher than those recorded by those who consume their breakfast regularly, showing percentages of 12 and 4%.

According to reports by the dietitian Azmina Govindji he stressed that the skipping breakfast can cause a “drop in the levels of blood sugar, explaining people to snacks that provide immediate gratification.” Commenting on the study went on to say:

This research suggests that those who skip breakfast are more likely to lead to unhealthy eating habits during the rest of the morning.

Perhaps as a lower level of blood sugar leads people to opt for something that will give them instant gratification, like a cookie or a chocolate bar, but it can backfire and provide minimal nutritional value. Perhaps instead they feel so hungry that consume the most affordable food to satiate.

Unfortunately, not always convenient snacks tend to be the most healthful and can be enriched with sugars, salt and fats. The 252 extra calories that we have calculated are taken by people who skip breakfast and choose candy bars and a bag of potato chips as a snack may in time lead to a significant weight gain if not compensated with physical activity.

Have breakfast reveals therefore important, concludes Govindji, not only for your waistline, but also for the general welfare of the people:

Research has shown that having breakfast can help improve mood, energy levels and concentration. Some studies have also shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to be healthy with regard to body weight than those who skip the first meal of the day.

If you are among those who can not eat immediately after waking up you can have breakfast a little ‘later, maybe when you go to work. Alternatively, you can limit the breakfast to a small bowl of cereal or a little ‘fruit.

American Breakfast: How to Prepare?

The ritual of breakfast is not the same in every place on Earth. Should any travel abroad, even for a short business trip or for a holiday, will certainly have noticed that the food served to the awakening are characterized by a large difference between one nation and another. In addition, at the time of booking a hotel room, you are often asked customers to specify if they prefer a continental breakfast, an English or an American variety. After investigating the characteristics of the continental breakfast, what are the principles and the dishes served in the characteristic of the United States?

American breakfast

Before proceeding, however, you must specify how the definitions for breakfast are never unique, therefore there may be important differences also not only from country to country, but also between different reasons of the same country. The information presented below have therefore purely generic: it is advisable, therefore, to seek confirmation of the host structure for any detail.

American breakfast: why?

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In the popular imagination, the American breakfast does not need too many presentations, because also made known in Europe by the numerous film and television productions theme. In general line, it is a rich and very hearty meal, where you do not consume baked goods and coffee as in mainland, but real serving dishes such as eggs, bacon, sandwiches and much more.

Where does, however, the definition?

Tasty pancake on a white plate on wooden background via Shutterstock

There is no precise origin of the classifications of the breakfasts, a now become standard practice in the reception facilities such as hotels, B & B and so on. It seems, however, that the first signs date back to Britain: it was the British to define a continental, to indicate the typical breakfast of European countries over the English Channel, as well as the American Association for the Overseas.

For ease of exposition it will make a generalization as supporting the American breakfast is typical of the United States, but it must be recognized that it is also quite widespread in Canada, especially in the South, and in parts of Mexico.

American breakfast: it provides, and how to prepare

The American breakfast, as also the English one, is considered the most important meal of the day and, therefore, is particularly substantial. Unlike the mainland, it prefers salty element, even if the cake is not absent.

The famous American breakfast starts right from the gentle flow, from an orange juice, whole sweetened milk and enriched cereals, honey, toast with butter and jam. It then goes to savory, with sausages such as small sausages, fried egg and bacon inevitable, but also fruits and vegetables in quantity and legumes. Concludes the meal the indispensable pancakes covered with maple syrup.

To prepare, we recommend starting with dishes that require cooking, as the longest to implement, leaving the desserts at the end. It starts with the fried egg and bacon, often cooked in the same pan with a little butter and sauté onion, or alternatively, olive oil. Then they jump in the pan any legumes. While you cook the bacon, remembering to skip it regularly to gild both sides, preparing the orange juice. Finally, it cook the pancake using the appropriate mold. Milk, cereal, bread and jam, however, are offered on the table without any special requirements: it is then the diner to choose what and how to choose and if you enrich them with butter or jam.

Healthy Food for Cancer Patients

According to WHO, about 1/3 of cardiovascular diseases and cancers can be prevented by a balanced and Health Food.

Varied and balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life.

Inadequate nutrition, in addition to affect the mental well-being, is one of the main risk factors for the onset of many chronic diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1/3 of cardiovascular disease and cancer could be avoided through a balanced and healthy diet.

healthy diet plan for cancer patients

What do we need

The human body needs all kinds of nutrients to function properly. Some are essential to meet the need for energy, others to feed the continuous exchange of cells and other elements of the body, to make other possible physiological processes, others have protective functions.
For this reason, the power must be as varied and balanced as possible.


Wheat, corn, oats, barley, spelled, and foods derived from them (bread, pasta, rice) body make carbohydrates, which are the main energy source of the organism, preferably consumed whole. They also contain B-complex vitamins and minerals, in addition to small amounts of protein.

Fruits and vegetables

They are an important source of fiber, an essential element in the digestive process.
Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals, essential in the proper functioning of the physiological mechanisms. They contain, ultimately, antioxidants that have a protective action.

healthy diet for cancer

Meat, fish, eggs and legumes

These foods have the main function of providing proteins, a class of biological molecules which performs a plurality of functions. Participating in the “construction” of the different components of the body, promote the chemical reactions that occur in the body, carrying substances in the blood, they are components of the immune response: provide energy reserve “,” help the absorption of some vitamins and some antioxidants, are important elements in the construction of some biological molecules.

Insufficient protein intake may impair these functions (for example you can lose muscle mass), but an excess is equally inappropriate: the proteins are too fact turned into fat deposits and waste products of this transformation become substances, which can damage the liver and kidneys.

Meat, especially red ones, contain saturated fats and cholesterol. Therefore they should be eaten in moderation.

They should be eaten more frequently the fish, which has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases (contains the omega-3 fats) and legumes, which are the richest source of vegetable protein and are also rich in fiber.


Are foods rich in calcium, an essential mineral in bone building. E ‘preferable to the consumption of skimmed milk and low-fat dairy products.


About 70% of the human body is composed of water and its presence, in adequate amounts, is essential for the maintenance of life.

Water is, in fact, essential for the performance of all the physiological processes and biochemical reactions that occur in the body, plays a vital role in digestion, absorption, transport and the use of the nutrients.

It is the primary means through which are eliminated waste products of biological processes.
For this, the right balance of “water balance” is critical to maintain a good health in the short, medium and long term.

The Process And Use Of Pharmaceutical Granulation Products

The granulation process is used in the medical industry to create the drug into tablets. During granulation the active drug substance and the excipient, both previously found in powder form, they are subjected to a bonding process. The active ingredient in the tablet is the same drug that will help the medical treatment of the consumer. The tablet can result not only of the active ingredient, however, as inert carriers substances (powders) help to distribute the active ingredient around the body. Support materials can also be flavored to make the most consumer friendly tablet.

Pharmaceutical Granulation Products

Numerous tests were conducted in the early stages of testing to make sure that you are using not only the correct type of carrier substance, but it is added in adequate quantity. Even small changes in the type and quantity can have a significant impact on the operation of the tablet. Although these studies can be extremely expensive and time consuming, it is essential that the connection is perfect and the process described before allowing the pill to mass produce. A coating is also added to the tablet. This can also help the taste of the tablet and often include sugar to make the most consumer friendly tablets. The coatings are also used to check if the active ingredient is released in the digestive system.

A series of different obstacles can occur during the granulation process of pharmaceutical products it means that the process is not always the same for each type of tablet. For example, the size and density of the particles of both excipient substances and active ingredients can influence the compatibility. In this example, the separation of the two powders can occur and the union can not take place, with the consequent need for an alternative process. Sometimes this can be resolved before the granulation of the active ingredient, then, including the excipients in the granulation process as a second phase. Once a work process is believed to be found, it is important to test the product before it occurs production and distribution of mass.

As mentioned above, the pharmaceutical granulation is used in the medical industry to produce tablets. This is the most commonly used drug and tablets are used throughout the world for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions form. granulation of pharmaceutical tablets helps build a strong and sturdy to avoid being deformed or broken into a fine powder. This is significantly important, as it ensures consumers receive the right amount of active ingredient in each dose and during treatment.

The tablets are very easy for shipping consumer. They are small tablets and strips can be reduced so that the consumer should only take the amount needed with them. This makes them very comfortable to use. Furthermore, the tablets do not require the use of a spoon or a syringe, for example, while other types of medicine performed. The hardness and resistance to collapse allowing the consumer to tablets in pill boxes if more tablets are taken every day, keeping them organized. Some consumers also prefer to break a tablet in half if the entire pill is too big to swallow. pharmaceutical granulation tablets takes place, makes this a possibility.

How To Buy Prescription Drugs From Canada

Prescription drugs are drugs that are strictly regulated in the world, including the United States. They have been formulated to help in treating various health conditions and can only buy so if issued a prescription from a doctor or a health professional. The limitation is due to the fact that these drugs can be harmful when combined with other drugs, and some were found to be addictive. Products sold in the United States are very expensive, and this puts pressure on people who are heavily dependent on these medications for maximum health benefits, but can not afford the prescribed drugs because of high prices. Fortunately for some, equivalent products were found in the form of drugs from Canada.

shoppers drug mart

For people who live outside of Canada, buying Canadian drugs are now easily accessible through the various available online Canadian Internet pharmacies. Now, you will not find the need to skip medications because they can not afford to buy the drugs. If you are not a resident of Canada, your alternative is to find an online Canadian pharmacy that is certified by the International Pharmacy Association of Canada, or CIPA. As there have been warnings DFS on the quality of these drugs, some people are still reluctant to buy such products. Let’s look at it this way. Where Canadians get their medicine? They did not care for the use of their products?

You may be wondering why are prescription drugs from Canada are cheap. You can save a lot if you decide to move to Canada drugs. Prices have absolutely nothing to do with the poor quality of drugs. They are as effective as the drugs produced in the United States. The only difference is that the laws of Canada limited the price of all medicines available in Canada. low taxes are also levied on their medications. Your mind must be put to rest that Canada is not a third world country.

canadian drugs

So how do you buy prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy online? First, you must obtain a valid prescription. Note that reputable Canadian pharmacies that require this before selling prescription drugs. Here you can find a legitimate Canadian pharmacy online. If you are not sure about the reputation of the company, check the list of pharmacychecker where you can also look at the assessments and comments made by customers in relation to the pharmacy. Once you’ve chosen one, you can place your order or if you want further confirmation, seek advice from your pharmacist and ask for his license number.

In essence, the order of three months, has banned the use of prescription drugs in the United States, provided that the drugs used only for personal use. Since the turnaround time can take up to two weeks, you should anticipate your needs and before you run out of supplies. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take only as prescribed by your doctor.

Save Money On Your Online Canadian Pharmacy Drug

In today’s world, more than 20 million in the US and 2 million Britons to buy online drugs from Canadian pharmacies because of the World Wide Web has made it as easy as ABC. Canadian pharmacy online are everywhere on the web and they are 40% and 90% less than their American counterparts. Canadian pharmacies are aware that American chemists can not offer these prices on their drugs from Canada at a discount.


In the US, the cost of the drug is in contact with the sky and find the economic medicine that is almost impossible, while American pharmaceutical companies are generating high income. For customers, it is always a wise decision to buy from a Canadian pharmacy online. According to the Wall Street Journal (online survey Harris Interactive in 2006), 80 percent of American adults favor the importation of drugs from Canada and other countries.

One of the facts behind the low prices of drugs from Canada is that the Canadian government has set limits on drug prices that companies can charge for prescriptions, given that the regulations allow discounts on drugs not available in the United States. For example, American companies are allowed to pay $350 for 20 tablets of Viagra or Cialis, while in Canada are sold at prices from $ 90 (or approx. Prices less than 75%).

In the recent past the popularity of Canadian drugs at affordable prices rose and Canadian drug stores have become a benefit to all in need of life-saving drugs at discounted prices. Buying online drugs from Canadian pharmacies is an effective solution to the need for prescribed medications and order online is more convenient than traveling to a community pharmacy. All Canadian online pharmacies provide prescription drugs very low cost; However, it is very important for those who purchase online Canadian pharmacy to verify that the pharmacy is licensed and only sell legal drugs. There are some online stores of drugs that can be sold illegal drugs not approved without authorization even in the darkest moments of this side, there was a large influx of spam email to “Canadian pharmacies, which, according to the employees of the sector caused significant damage to legitimate pharmacies in Canada.

Before buying the medicine online from a Canadian pharmacy, it is always advisable to also look at Canadian drug stores confidence online and license. You should always check that the pharmacy is providing drugs approved by the local authority and, last but not least, you should never buy without a valid prescription online pharmacy.

Who is

Canadian Pharmacy Bing is a Canadian online pharmacy online that believes all customers should have access to their discounted drugs drugs. This is the reason why CanadianPharmacyBing partners with pharmacies around the world to provide access to the highest quality of over-the-counter, generic drug that of discounted brand. We aim to be the top, providing the highest Canadian pharmacy discount, which means that the best price for you, with the most personalized service to the customer.

Our goal is to make your purchase of medications and over-the-counter drugs simple, affordable and accessible. We charge one shipping fee per parcel regardless of the number of prescription or over the counter items fit within!

What Are The Counter Drugs Do Care?

What are the-counter medicines?

over counter a drugs

The OTC drugs are medicines that can be sold without the prescription requirement as part of their primary care physician. They are also sometimes known by the initials OTC (over the counter from English) and have a distinctive logo on the packaging that makes them instantly recognizable. Unlike other drugs, over the counter they are the only ones that can be advertised on television because they do not cause addiction and must be on the market for at least five years so as to ensure effective and safe for patients to use in self-medication regime.

What they can be used?

Drugs definitely most popular in this category are those that counteract the symptoms of flu, relieving throat burning or discomfort caused by the fever. Much sought after are also anti-inflammatories such as those based on acetilsalicitico acid, ibuprofen or nimesulide that are used against headaches, toothache, back pain and menstrual pain. To the category of non-prescription medicines – sold in pharmacies from Turin to Palermo – also belong eye drops, tonics and all those supplements that contain vitamins.

To choose and where to find them?

Many OTC drugs also have generic counterparts and for any doubt it is always advisable to consult your pharmacist, who will be a great help to choose the most appropriate medication even based on the symptoms that the patient presents. In addition to regular pharmacies in Italy in Milan as in Bologna and Viterbo it is now possible to also find the counter medicines in drugstores or supermarkets with a ‘point salute’e where you can buy all the health products it is not necessary a prescription (you can find the complete handbook of OTC drugs on this page).

Sale ‘Online’ Only Attracts 1% of Pharmacies A Year of Its Opening

online drugs canadian pharmacy online

The sale of non-prescription drugs through the web pharmacy is now a business without appeal in Spain. A point a year after the start up of this service legal in Spain, under the regulations of the Ministry of Health, only 300 of the 22,000 pharmacies open in our country, a meager 1.3% of the total, has decided to launch a web for users to purchase medicines online and receive them at home.

The Ministry of Health decided a year ago to regularize this business given the proliferation of websites that illegally traded and network with counter medications. Health authorities then decided to give the opportunity to pharmacies to get into this business, always do so with the supervision and approval of the Spanish Medicines Agency.

Health concluded then that this new business, although it was not going to attract the attention of most pharmacies, yes could be attractive to at least 20% of them, around 5,000 pharmacies according to their calculations. However, the boot is still much slower than expected. Pharmacy owners allege two main reasons for not having made the leap to online business.

First, the technical and economic difficulties that still involves the launch of online sales for a small business but above all, many druggists not see the profitability of this new business. The proximity of pharmacies in our country, especially in the more accustomed to online trade urban areas, suggests pharmacists will not be a big deal.

In addition, small purchases must still add shipping costs, which in most of the surveyed sites are around 8 euros. However, notes Carlos Garcia-Maurino, on the advice of pharmacies Asefarma, “although the launch of this new business has been slower than expected, slowly sure consolidates as a means more sales for pharmacies.”

This expert also points an added difficulty in Spain with online sales to other countries. “Having to comply with the regulations of the country of origin and the destination country, the pharmacy is bound to have to also label in the language that has the destination country, which hinders more whole process,” he says.

Remember that before starting the activity of Internet sales counter medication, the pharmacy must notify the competent regional authorities the beginning of its activity. In addition, the Spanish Medicines Agency granted a logo should appear on all websites of licensed pharmacies and are the hallmark of guarantee against fakes.

Generic Drugs: What Are They And How Do They Work?

What are generic drugs?

generic drugs

The definition of generic medicine was founded in 2005 by the Ministry of Health to indicate those medications that contain within them the same amount of active a branded medicine with expired patent principle. Today, pharmacists and experts prefer to use the term equivalent to transmit in an immediate way the two drugs work and are effective in the same way rather than general – word that was likely to be misunderstood, turns medicines no brand equivalent pharmaceutical products from discount stores. If the active ingredient and dosage are the same as brand name drugs, what distinguishes generic drugs is the price that must be lower by at least 20%.

How do generics?

One of the fundamental principles of generic medicines which can be found in pharmacies in Turin as in Florence or Naples is that of bioequivalence, ie by the drug’s ability to enter the bloodstream and act at the same time the brand name drug. Bioequivalence is determined through studies that allow to compare the effects of taking the same dose of a generic drug and brand: if we find the same in the blood concentration of the active ingredient, then the result between the two drugs is a therapeutic action in fact comparable (find more information on this page) and generic medicine is in fact bioequivalent.

How many generic drugs on the market?

The Italian Medicines Agency website (or AIFA) provides a list of generic medicines available today for sale. This way you can also check any changes in price or the ‘newcomers’ through an active research based on the principle contained in them or simply alphabetical order. If in doubt, though, you can always rely on pharmacists from Turin to Messina will show you the generic drugs over the counter or by prescription (in which the primary care physician must indicate the active ingredient prescribed and not just the name of a drug) more suited to the disease to treat.

Smog and Pollutants

While the mass production and use of factories made many aspects of human life easier, it resulted in an increase in smog and pollution in cities. As industrial processes have advanced, smog is changed from smoking every day more and more dangerous chemicals, causing lung diseases and cancer in humans as well as erode buildings and crops. Understand the nature of modern smog presents a compelling argument for reducing the amount of energy the human race consumes.

Smog and pollutants

The first form of smog came from burning fossil fuels such as coal. Ash is released into the air like a thick black smoke that, when inhaled, can block the airway and cause lung damage. Besides containing carbon residues, ash contains silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and traces of heavy metals. According to the website Green- Planet – Solar –, this is silicon dioxide which can cause injury, scarring and inflammation of the lungs. In 2011, most of the production plants now capture this ash before it is released into the air, although this is still a problem in less developed countries.

Sulfur dioxide

All fossil fuels contain sulfur dioxide, which is released when burning. This highly reactive gas reacts with water to create sulfuric acid, commonly known as “acid rain.” This acid rain can cause serious damage to crops, soil and buildings, but can also have negative effects on human health. According to the ‘Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to sulfur dioxide can cause respiratory problems, particularly in children, the elderly and those with asthma.

Nitrogen oxides

Nitrogen oxides are part of photochemical smog, a form far more harmful than the industrial smog than a hundred years ago. Nitrogen oxides formed after the reaction of oxygen and nitrogen gases, usually in the exhausts of cars. Why this occurs at ground level, on roads, resulting smog is more easily inhaled by humans. Modern cars are now equipped with catalytic converters, which reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide released.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds are substances that evaporate easily. It is commonly known that water evaporates at 100 degrees, turning into steam. Gasoline evaporates much more quickly and therefore is described as “volatile”. Other volatile organic compounds including methane, which is produced from cows or hydroelectric energy. These volatile organic compounds, in particular 1,3-butadiene and benzene, which are produced in car exhaust and industrial processes, are a health risk, because they are carcinogenic.

Ozone has been such a concern in recent decades that most people have heard of. Its depletion in the upper atmosphere of the Earth can provide access to harmful radiation from the sun. Its output at ground level is a problem, though, because it is yet another respiratory irritant. It is formed when nitrogen oxides react with volatile organic compounds.